+ 'well, the oscars are over', craig ferguson states, 'personally i'm glad that brave won for best animated feature because now i can say that i've been in an oscar winning movie!  and, i only had to do about two hours work- i didnt even have to wear pants!  take that, daniel day-lewis, you had to put on a hat- you loser!  anyway, with all the gossip and the fashion and popularity contests, the oscars seem just like high school. and just like high school, i wasnt there!  i didnt watch the oscars, i was traveling.  but i do have to admit, though, that i did watch some of the red carpet stuff, only about five or six hours of it.  i really enjoyed looking at the gorgeous dresses, the handbags, and the jewelry.  and when i was done picking out my outfit i turned on the tv!  you know who i feel bad for?  the actresses on the red carpet cause their clothes are judged by experts as they enter the building, which is no fair.  anne hathaway got a lot of flack because her dress, and i quote, 'made her nipples pop'.  why is that a problem?  isnt that what dresses are supposed to do?'
- keith olbermann
- coco rocha

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