+ 'now, here's good news if you are into the late night douche business', craig ferugson says, 'and i am!  there's a new report that came out today by economists.  oh boy!  they listed the worlds most expensive cities, it turns out the most expensive city in the world is tokyo, japan.  when the news broke there was a big parade... in san francisco.  tokyo didnt much care, but san francisco was like 'parade!'  but they did unveil their new tourism slogan: tokyo will leave you brokyo!  now, i've never been to tokyo, but this show is actually going out in japan.  we are very popular in japan.  i think the show looses something in translation though, you know what they call this show in japan?  'super happy fun time hour with robot and old man'.  i'd love to go to tokyo.  its not just expensive, its one of the worlds most crowded cities. so its a city full of people with thick wallets and they are all stuck together.  it makes me pine for my days as a dickensian pickpocket!  the second most expensive city in the world is also in japan.  the third and fourth is sydney and melbourne in australia.  some of the cities on the today's most expensive list didnt surprise me at all, for instance paris was number 8.  the people in france were very annoyed today, then they heard about the list.'
- amanda peet
= paul williams

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