+ 'its a great day for america's upstairs neighbors', craig ferguson shares, 'i'm talking about the famously polite and docile creatures we call 'canadians'.  these beautiful people got rid of their penny today.  there's no more one cent coins in canada.  so if you are in canada and you say to someone 'a penny for your thoughts?' thats now illegal and you will be thrown in prison!  thats not true, but prison in canada?  how bad can that be?  but now without pennies, they will have to round everything up to the closest nickel.  so things will cost more to buy those famous products canada is famous for like... maple syrup, and bacon!  some canadians are absolutely outraged by this, and by that i mean a couple guys in edmonton went 'eh'.  anyway, no more canadian pennies means an increased demand for the canadian nickel, which has got a beaver on it!  canadians also have a one dollar coin, they call it a 'loonie'.  here in america 'loony' is what we call mel gibson.'
- david boreanaz
- alison becker

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