+ 'i must apologize to you, excuse me if i seem a little tired', craig ferguson pleads, 'we just got back from new orleans, we were there over the weekend.  i've got a pretty bad gumbo hangover, i was up all night picking purple and yellow confetti out of my pants.  but there's a down side to it too...  what a super bowl, huh?  forth and goal with everything on the line? just more proof that america rocks!  in your face other countries!  this year's super bowl was the third most watched television event in history.  the second is the kardashian sex tape, and the first was a youtube video of a dog punching a guy in the nuts...  to me, the play of the game came right after half time.  jackoby jones running that from the kick off 108.8 yards for a touchdown!  a man hasnt run that fast since i heard there was a sale at nine west!
- zooey deschanel
- adhir kalyan

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