+ 'you know what day it is?' craig ferguson asks, 'its groundhog day!  well, almost groundhog day, depending on your region.  groundhogs are not as cool as other animals, thats why they only get a week. sharks get a whole week, but groundhogs are like, one day!  the groundhog day tradition dates back to the 1800s.  you know what else dates back to the 1800s?  cholera.  what i'm saying is maybe its time to move on!  on groundhog day punxsutawney phil gets pulled out of the ground to see his shadow.  if he sees his shadow we get six more weeks of winter.  today is the only day that punxsutawney phil has to work, the rest of the year he just hangs out on donald trump's head.  punxsutawney phil's predictions are only right 39 percent of the time.  i mean, 39 percent?  thats rubbish!  with that kind of accuracy you couldnt even get a job a the psychic friends network!  39 percent accuracy?  thats why i call groundhogs furry wikipedia.'
# joe theismann
- ariel tweto

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