+ 'its a great day if you are nostalgic for the cold war', craig ferguson says, 'and who isnt?  well, the soviets maybe.  back in the 1980's the ties were skinny, the nukes were fat, and the boobies were real.  so it wasnt all good... there is a brand new show premiering tonight on fx, its called 'the americans'.  its about russian spies embedded in DC during the cold war.  the russian agents who look like us and talk like us, but all their relationships are based on a big lie.  these days that only happens to college football players.  apparently the appeal of seeing shows like this is seeing the 80's spy tools like the rubik's cube that turns into a grenade, a walkman that turns into a pac-man, a car phone the size of an actual car.  they even have those tinny little gadgets you see in mission impossible, those little gizmos that can do everything but they still fit in the palm of your hand.  what are they called?  thats right, tom cruise.  in the americans kerri russell plays an intelligence service agent, what they call a 'sleeper agent'.  i've always wanted to be a sleeper agent- my skill: naps in five languages!
- dominic monaghan
- ellie kemper

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