+ 'today is an important day for me and for anyone who works in television', craig ferguson states, 'well, ok, its an important day for anyone who works in television.  today is the anniversary of the first daytime soap opera... or was it?!?  no, it was.  the first daytime soap was called 'these are my children' and it was premiered in 1949 on nbc.  it was 64 years ago, these are my children was a soap opera about an irish widow.  this is important, this day, because if you know one thing about me you know that i cant live without my soap operas.  there arent that many left, they are going away!  they are going away like newspapers and compact discs and lance armstrong fans.  the soap operas that are left, lets see, you've got the young and the restless, the bold and the beautiful, the damp and the damper, the wang and the chungier,  the master and the bater.  soap operas today are being replaced by reality shows, soap operas are filled with evil twins and anmesia, but people prefer the 'reality' of honey boo boo and the real housewives.'
+ michael caine in space
- rashida jones
- julie gonzalo

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