+ 'it is valentines day', craig ferguson cheers, 'so to all you love birds: happy valentines day!  i'd give you valentines day tips, but if you are watching this show, then your valentines day went horribly!  never mind, i'll love you!  i wanted to commemorate valentines day by coming out here with a little heart pin on my jacket tonight but cbs wouldnt allow it.  they said 'you cant go out there with a heart on!'  come on, why cant i?  what could be more appropriate for valentines day than if i came out here with a heart on?  the biggest gifts on valentines day are, of course, flowers and chocolate.  because what says true love better than murdering a plant and trying to make someone fat?  for me, the best valentine gifts dont cost anything because they come straight from the heart.  thats why i have composed a valentines day poem for you, my audience.  here you go, you ready?  roses are red, love is but a fable, i'm very sorry you cant afford cable!'
- george lopez
- sutton foster

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