super bowl special

 since the super bowl is on cbs this year, that means that there was a special sunday night episode of craig ferguson's show after the game!  craig spend the week in new orleans filming different bits and having a blast in the big easy.  the show starts off with a very funny scene with lucy lu stopping by to say hi to craig at the super dome.  craig is holding a phone charger and lucy asks if he would mind if she quick charged her phone for a minute.  he plugs it in- which in turn causes the blackout that happened during the game!  very clever and quick thinking on their part to take advantage of a funny situation!
+ on stage, criag is welcomed by the 49ers cheerleading squad.  'thanks ladies, their team lost and they still came to perform!' craig says as he launches in to his monologue, 'its a great day if you are a ravens fan- your team just won the super bowl!  the lombardi trophy is going back to baltimore, but dont worry 9ers fans, in california a super bowl loss counts as a prescription for medical marijuana!  its very refreshing down here, its a fantastic city!  theres so much they have here that we dont have in l.a.: they have history, clean air, and carbohydrates...  its fantastic to be here in jackson square.  named after andrew jackson who defeated the british at the battle of new orleans.  had the british won, things would be very different.  instead you would be watching a late night host who has an accent... hmm, i'm going down a bad path with this...'
+ after a few tweets, craig welcomes drew brees.  the two of them toss the football around a bit.
+ craig and steve carell stop by pascal's manale restaurant and bar to try some oysters, which goes horribly, as you might expect!  -by far the funniest segment of the night!
+ craig and nikki reed grab a bite to eat and then wander through a new orleans graveyard, and then craig stops by saints and sinners bar to chat with the place's owner: channing tatum!
+ craig and julie chen stop by little people's place for a bit to eat.
michael caine in space on bourbon street
neil patrick harris stops by the stage to chat with craig and laugh at his poor football catching when drew brees was on earlier!

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