+ 'its a great day for the u.s. postal service', craig ferguson states, 'no, it is, trust me.  the price of a stamp goes up one cent today to 46 cents.  and now i am at an age where that caught my attention!  to make sure everyone received the information properly, the postal service announced it over the mail.  i mean, email is what i meant to say...  sorry, i'm just so excited about 46 cents!  this cent by cent thing is kind of annoying, why not raise the price of it to fifty cents and be done with the thing.  its how cbs gives me raises and it makes me feel small.  now, for most of us of course, the one cent increase in the price of a stamp is not a big deal, unless you are a hardcore stamp collector- a philatelist.  thats what it is!  that sounds sexy, doesnt it?  a philatelist.  'what are you doing in there?'  'philateling...'  'oh, philateling, whats that?'  'its the nerdiest thing you can do with your tongue!'  some people think that email has ruined the art of letter writing, but i disagree.  email has made us write even more, but email has ruined the art of licking.'
- kathy griffin
- michael weatherly

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