+ 'its a very special friday', craig ferguson shares, 'because today is a good day to die hard!  the new die hard movie opens today.  die hard, that is a term that comes from the medical profession, its when an old man dies from an overdose on boner pills!  anyway, the new movie's slogan is 'yippie ki-yay mother russia'.  thats because its set in russia, and bruce willis' character's catchphrase is 'yippie ki-yay something i cant say on cbs'.  i think they came up with the tagline before they came up with the script for the movie.  studio executives are sitting around going 'yippie ki-yey mother... i dont know?'  the next die hard movie will be whatever was second:  yippie ki-yay mother hubbard!  'in a world where the cupboard is bare...'  anyway, in the new die hard movie, bruce willis joins forces with his son.  thats the plot.  yeah, i'm getting a little 'scrappy-do' vibe from this one...'
- jane lynch
- mario lopez

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