+ 'led zeppelin might be getting back together', craig ferguson announces, 'its true, robert plant told australia's version of sixty minutes that he would be willing to reform led zeppelin   when i heard this i was like 'wha?  australia has a version of sixty minutes?!?'  according to the interview, robert plant says that he's got nothing to do next year, so if the other band members are available  i can think of one who isn't... but if the rest are available   so we could see a led zeppelin reunion tour.  they did a reunion show last year in london.  the surviving members are getting a bit old.  i'm a big fan of led zeppelin, they were huge when i was younger.  i don't want to date myself... actually i do want to date myself- i'm lovely!  anyway, one of my favorite albums of all time is led zeppelin 4.  that is an awesome album!  that is your seminal rock album right there- its right up there with 'color me barbara' by barbara striesand.  i had to buy that album so many times, first i bought it on vinyl, then on cassette, then cd, then download.  here's the rule though: vinyl is always better, doesn't matter if you are talking about albums or underpants!'
- lisa kudrow
= bonnie raitt

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