+ 'the big news today, of course, is from the vatican', craig ferguson shares, 'the pope is resigning!  everyone is surprised, the people of italy were running threw the streets shouting, waiving their hands, saying 'whats a come and a go?' then they heard the pope is resigning!  its true, pope benedict the sixteenth is stepping down, he's hanging up his giant hat.  he will be replaced, of course, when one pope goes, another one popes up right away.  cbs announced its suggestion: the pope should be replaced by ashton kutcher.  you know, the last time a pope stepped down was six hundred years ago.  pope gregory stepped down in 1415.  things were a bit different back then, the popemobile had a hole in the floor and it ran on foot power.  pope benedict is stepping down because he's 85 years old and he wants to... um... i dont know, spend time with his grandkids?  no no, he's the pope he doesnt have grandkids!'
- julie andrews
- grace park

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