+ 'everyone, of course, is still talking about the president's state of the union address', craig ferguson admits, 'everyone except me!  because while the president was speaking in washington, the westminster dog show was wrapping up in new york.  thats the real story!  the dog show and the state of the union address is very different, of course, one is a lot of yapping and prancing and sniffing of asses, and the other one? is the dog show.  anyway, if you are a dog winning at the westminster dog show, its like an actor winning an oscar, or like a tennis player winning at wimbleton, or an nba player winning a kardashian!  the westminster dog show is tough, these doggies have to parade in front of the judges and behave themselves.  its not the doggie way, its not the doggie style.  westminster is no more than a beauty contest, really.  the judges dont care if the dogs have talent, the dogs just need to have a shiny coat and nice testicles.  cbs used the same criterea when they selected a host for this show!'
- russell brand
- allison williams

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