+ 'its a great day to be mark zuckerberg', criag ferguson informs, 'when is it not?  he's not just rich anymore, he's rich rich!  he's 'dip your balls in gold' rich!  on friday, mark zuckerberg took facebook public and made 80 billion dollars.  80 billion dollars!  even mitt romney was like 'damn!'  anyway, facebook went public.  for those who dont know, facebook is a website, people use it to keep in touch with hundreds of their friends and enemies.  people use it to keep in touch with their enemies and friends, and people they barely know.  in the 80's i had something similar, it was called 'my penis'.  i have no idea how facebook makes money, its baffling, especially when i realized that they dont even do porn!  i've made it a rule never to invest in anything i cant explain, which is pretty limiting because there is a lot of stuff i cant explain.  for example, last night was the start of season seven of the kardashians.  you explain that to me!  season seven?!?  what the hell do they do?!?  i guess you cant really explain the kardashians, i look at it this way: the guillotine drew a crowd too...  
- steven wright helps out with the emails
- jeffrey dean morgan

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