+ 'it is of course, a great day for the superb los angeles kings!'  craig ferguson exclaims, 'hey canadians, if you are looking for the stanley cup, its right here!  no, the l.a. kings beat the new jersey devils and they brought the cup to l.a.  tinsel town is now hockey town.  although, those of us who have to live here will always know it as crap town.  first of all, let me just say, if you are a fan of the new jersey devils, you may not get the stanley cup, but you get the new jersey equivalent:  the snookie cup!  which you can still fill it up with booze and pass it around to all your friends...  the l.a. kings have been around for 45 years and this is the first time they have won the stanley cup.  it was a bit of a scandal after the game though because some of the players tested positive for having their own teeth!'
- andy garcia
- cody horn

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