goeff's snake mug

craig ferguson has one of the coolest mugs on tv!  he always has his trusty coiled mug on his desk during 'the late late show', sipping from it when ever he is thirsty, or whenever a guest is particularly bad...  well, have you noticed that geoff has his own snake mug as well?
i ordered myself one of craig's mugs, and now i've got geoff's mug as well!  i ordered it from houseoftasso.com, which is about the only place you can find these things online!  they did such a great job with the coiled mug, that i knew they would deliver for the geoff snake mug as well.  sure enough, it arrived safe and in one piece- thanks guys!
when i got it i found a bit of a surprise- you cant really tell from seeing it on the show, but there is a little ceramic snake head poking up from inside the mug!  i'm sure it would be pretty funny if you are drinking coffee from it and as you drink there is a creepy snake head that reveals itself the more you drink!  i may have to try that, actually...

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