+ 'it is of course friday- aw, thank goodness! i've been waiting for this day since yesterday!'  craig ferguson exclaims, 'big movie opening today called 'rock of ages'.  its a musical about hair metal bands from the 1980's.  which makes me a bit torn, really.  part of me is like 'do i really want to hear songs that i hated the first time around?'  and the other part of me is like 'its a musical!!!'  to be honest, i'm not the biggest fan of hair metal.  how good can a musical genre be when it is known for its hair style?  a lot of the hair metal songs are popular again because of the video games.  you know, the video games like rock band or guitar hero.  cause nothing says 'rock and roll' like playing a video game in your parent's basement.  what i never understood about guitar hero is that if you go through all the trouble to be good at guitar hero, why dont you just fucking learn the guitar?!?'
- jenna elfman
= imagineers

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