+ 'new york city is crazy right now, there are apparently bees going crazy right now', craig ferguson informs, 'i dont know whats going on with bees, last year everyone was like 'all the bees are gone!  there's no bees left!  oh no, the bees!'  now they are all swarming?  they are like the kardashians- they are everywhere!  its dangerous to have a plague of bees in this hot weather, its difficult to warn people.  cause you go 'swarm!' and they say 'i know its warm, whats your point, mister?'  'swarm! swarm!'  anyway, the bee infestation thing is scary, new yorkers are tense, they are on edge and ready to snap at any second.  and then they found out about the bees!  now, if you are ever attacked by bees always remember: stop, drop, and roll.  thats what you do: stop, drop, and roll.  the bees will still sting you, but it looks really funny when you are rolling around down there.'
- jeff daniels
* john irving

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