+ jeff daniels starts the show with a song!  'last night jeff daniels was here but we ran out of time and he couldnt do his song, so we invited him back to start tonight's show with a song.  are you ready jeff?  i really hope its good...' craig ferguson says.
to introduce his song, jeff daniels says 'neil sedaka wrote a song called 'breaking up is hard to do'.  i wrote a breaking up song called 'baby take your tongue out of my mouth, i'm kissing you goodbye'.  and, boy was it a silly one!
+ 'you know, theres a really good movie coming out that i'm excited about', craig ferguson states, 'now, usually when i come out here and i say there is a great movie coming out i am lying, or high on mescaline.  one of these things may be true tonight, but there really is a great movie coming out, its called 'brave' by pixar, which means its good. which is strange because i'm in it!  the main character is a feisty scottish princess who cant play by the rules. remind you of anyone? she's a great heroine, she's much tougher than most cartoon princesses. because, lets be honest, snow white was defeated by a piece of fruit! the character i play is lord macintosh. a couple years ago i did the voice in 'how to train your dragon' and i'm doing the sequel next. now, the dragon movies are from dreamworks, so i've worked with dreamworks and disney pixar. they are the rivals of dreamworks. its like an east coast and west coast thing- i could end up getting shot by goofy or something! 'ghyuck! west side, bitch!'.'
- mark wahlberg
* sloane crosley

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