+ 'there's a big movie opening this weekend and i'm very excited about it', craig ferguson states, 'ha ha ha!  i couldnt give a rats ass!  but its a big movie, its snow white and the huntsman.  what they are doing, hollywood is taking a beloved children's story and turning it into another one of those twilight things.  if they really want to make money on this thing, they should call it snow white and the avengers!  snow white is the girl from twilight, you know, the angry stoned girl?  she's got to be high because she didnt choose jacob- whats wrong with you!  the movie also has charlize theron as the evil queen and every morning she speaks into her mirror and asks 'mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?'  thats in the movie.  she's a person willing to commit murder just to keep a more youthful appearance.  we have a name for that type of person in los angeles, its called 'everyone'.'
- jeff garlin
- sonya walger

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