+ 'its not such a great day for the art world', craig ferguson informs, 'police in huston texas are looking for a man who walked into an art museum and spray painted a picasso.  the painting is called 'woman in red armchair'.  they guy who vandalized the painting is still at large.  i'm sure soon the cops will have the right guy in custudy unless he's framed.  ah, there!  see?  there's your shitty late night humor right there!  there's your well crafted little joke put together by a disappointed harvard graduate right there!  thats how it works!  a member of a good american wga, union of writers, put together that joke and i went out there and sold it like i loved it!  ah, thats the end of the good stuff.  anyway, the picasso was worth tens of millions of dollars and then it was ruined in seconds.  i havent seen anything loose value that fast since facebook's ipo.  another joke!  there's two jokes right there- two jokes and only one cuss!'
- steve carell
* don winslow

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