bridger: car breaker.

'please state your name for the folks at home.' craig asks as he circles bridger, who works on the late late show.
'bridger winegar'.
'now, tell the folks where you work, bridger.' craig asks.
'the late late show'.
'now, bridger, you are dressed up in a costume this evening which i suspect is making you a little uncomfortable.  is that true?'
'um, yes.'  bridger admits meekly.
'any idea why you are dressed in that costume, bridger?'
'ah, no.'
'bridger, what is your position here at this show?'  craig asks.
'um, i'm a production assistant'.
'bridger, did you go and fetch anyone's car recently from anyone's house?'
'yes...'  bridger responds, finally putting together where craig is taking this conversation.
'bridger, when you were fetching that car for someone, did you crash that fucking car?'
'well, guess what, bridger.  i today got the estimate for the repair bill on that car.  so you better get used to this costume buddy.  i'm only kidding pal, its all right, dont worry about it.  its fine.  i didnt really like that car anyway.'
'its a nice car'.
'it was, it was a nice car. now? its a piece of crap.  the main thing is that we have moved passed it.'
'i hope so...'

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