+ 'its a great day, of course, for sir paul mccartney', craig ferguson shares, 'yes, he's seventy years old today.  he's still the cute one!  i cant believe he's seventy!  some people say that seventy is the new sixty.  and the people who say that are me.  because that makes sixty the new fifty, and that makes fifty the new forty, and thats not too old to get a navel stud!  now, paul is seventy though.  he's going to have to change the lyrics to the song, its no longer 'when i'm sixty four', but now when i WAS sixty four!  let it be is now 'let me pee'.  i think its great that paul mccartney is still putting on concerts at seventy years old.  the only other british musician putting concerts on at seventy is madonna...  the rolling stones are as old as sir paul, and they are still going.   although, rumor has it that they will be breaking up after they tour next summer.  i dont mean the band, i mean pieces of them will actually be breaking off!'
+ first minister of scotland, alex salmond, stops by to help out with tweets and emails!
- kelly macdonald
- kevin mckidd

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