+ 'its a big weekend at the movies!  are you ready for the most anticipated movie of the summer?' craig ferguson asks, 'well, i'm sorry, batman is not out for another couple of months.  but, this weekend there is men in black 3!  so for all of you who are sick of sequels and comic book movies, hollywood has an answer:  this one is a sequel and a comic book movie!  men in black 3 is probably a pretty good movie, though, cause its got will smith in it.  everyone likes will smith.  even al quida loves will smith!  'oh, death to america, except the fresh prince!  i love how he gets jiggy with it!'.  it also stars tommy lee jones, now this is tricky for me because i often get him confused with tommy lee.  now, tommy lee jones and tommy lee are very very different.  one is a wild man who is always on drugs and trying to show you his penis, and the other is in the band motley crue.  apparently there are some celebrity cameos in this as well, lady gaga is in it.  she is a really weird looking creature from another planet.  i dont know what her role in the movie is, though.  i like how the men in black films suggest that certain famous people are aliens.  its funny cause we know celebrities arent aliens in real life.  (they are!  they are!).'
- jason alexander, who gets into a bit of trouble with what he talks about...
- angela kinsey

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