+ 'last week i got my colonoscopy', craig ferguson shares, 'i was going to upload the pictures online.  i did!  i got it, my long awaited colonoscopy.  i kept putting it off and putting it off.  i was going to upload the full video of it but i decided to hold off because i want morgan freeman to narrate it.  cause everything is better if you've got morgan freeman narrating, it gives it a classier feel.  it classes everything up!  no, i was really nervous, i was on the way there and i was trying to take my mind off it.  it didn't help that the sidewalk was under construction and i had to enter through the back door, i'm thinking 'get it out of your mind!'  in the waiting room the newspaper said something about fannie may.  'get it out of your mind!'  and the movie playing on the tv was 'rear window'...  the doctor was great through, i asked him if there was anything abnormal.  he said 'well, you smiling during the procedure is a little abnormal...'.'
- jason schwartsman
rory scovel

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