+ 'there's only one story going on in everyone's mind today', criag ferguson shares, 'are you going to accept pizza from vending machines?!?  thats right!  its true!  in a few months pizza vending machines will be installed all over america.  this is great news!  just when you thought america couldnt get any more awesome, pizza vending machines!  even al quida is thinking 'i was so certain that i thought i hated america, but pizza vending machines?  i dont know what to do!'  the pizza vending machine is the brain child of an italian entrepreneur, and as far as i am concerned, this is the guy that deserves a nobel prize!  more so than the 2011 winner saul perlmutter, his accelerating the expansion theory of the universe is a bunch of crap!  hey perlmutter, accelerate to hell!'
* don rickles
- max greenfield

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