+ 'its a great day to be in new york city', criag ferguson shares, 'its fleet week!  you know, when dozens of the u s navy ships dock and sailors can go and party in the big apple- 'new york, new york!'  yep, fleet week in new york, and i'm stuck here.  sigh.  when all the sailors are on leave, things can get a big rowdy in new york, all the drinking and hooting, and whistling, and sex being solicited in every corner.  but eventually the police will taser regis philbin and we can all get back to our fun!  this is the first fleet week since the military repealed the 'dont ask, dont tell', so new york's only gay hotel is actually handing out coupons for affordable packages... and they also have deals on groups of rooms!'
- alfred molina
= sara watkins

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