a new director

at the end of the week, craig took a little bit of time at the end of friday's episode to recognize someone who is leaving the show: 'we mess around on the show, but i want to take a minute now to bid farewell to our director brian mcaloon who has been directing this show since tom snyder was doing it, he did it when craig kilborn was doing it, and he's been doing it for the 8 years i've been doing it.  i'm really sorry, man!  he's been working at the worldwide pants company that makes this show for 32 years and finally he's got something better.'
the next monday, craig has on the new director, tim mancinelli, and welcomes him to the show.  granted, tim has been an assistant director in the show for 17 years, so he might already have a pretty good idea of how things should go!  there are already some slight changes, including the shot over geoff's shoulder pictured above.  should be fun to keep an eye out for any other subtle differences as time goes on!

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