wilford brimley!

after a long wait, wilford brimley finally comes to 'the late late show with craig ferguson'!  a while ago criag's wife thought she spotted wilford brimley at a local grocery store in hollywood.  craig mentioned it on the show that week, and ever since then he and geoff peterson have become quite obsessed with wilford!  determined to investigate further, craig booked wilford on the show as a guest!  well, he finally stopped by and chatted with our favorite late night host about whether it was him or not (spoiler: it was not).  it sure did make for a funny/awkward segment!  brimley if famous for disliking hollywood, so it was pretty funny to hear his grumpy ramblings about wanting to be far away from people.  strange...
the best part? wilford even wins the coveted golden mouth organ!

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