+ 'its the first day of hanakkah', criag ferguson shares, 'if you are celebrating hanakkah you probably arent into christmas caroling, of course.  tonight happens to be 'go caroling day'.  tonight you are supposed to celebrate christmas with a song!  for all you christmas carolers out there: dont come to my house.  and one more thing: ba humbug!  i'm not really a scrooge, i love christmas.  i love all holidays, especially the one you celebrate in your region with your ethnic group!  only a few more shopping days until christmas, the stores are packed with people buying gifts for family and friends.  did you know that some people actually buy presents for their pets? those people are called me!  i do, i buy gifts for my ferrets!  you know the great thing about ferrets? they are fucking stupid!  now, if you cant afford to buy christmas gifts for your kids this christmas, just give them your love and they will be just as happy.  ha ha ha!  the most popular toys this year for girls is something called the 'la la loopsy' doll.  one of the most popular gifts for this christmas is the t-pain microphone.  thats true!  its a microphone that you sing into and it makes you sound like the rapper t-pain.  i dont know much about t-pain, but his biggest songs are called 'buy you a drank', and 'i'm in love with a stripper'.  so let me address any parents who are watching: christmas is a wonderful time to teach your kids about bitches and hos.'
- robin wright
- parker young  he's pretty funny!

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