+ 'its a crazy day here in los angeles', craig ferguson shares, 'the city of angels has been attacked by mother nature's most brutal servant: a moderate wind. no, actually the winds have been very strong. it was windy last night in hollywood. how windy was it? it was so windy that arnold schwarzenegger was blown off his maid! it was so windy hugh hefner didnt need pills to get it up! it was so windy a shirt accidentally blew on matthew machonahoney! the wind blew so hard it was accidentally mistaken for the dodgers! the storm has died down though, but i am still taking precautions. i've got extra glue on my toupee. the best part of the windy days in l.a. is that you save money on face lifts! thousands of people lost power during the wind storm, a few parts are still in the dark. be careful, if you see a downed power line dont pick it up. no matter how tempting it is to pick it up and touch it to your genitals, dont do it! i learned that the hard way- the awesome hard way... my power went out for a little while last night and i thought to myself 'this is when i wish my house was powered by a wind turbine'. but then i look down at my team of little people on their treadmills and i thought 'no, its more cost effective and they are adorable!' i should get them clothes though. anyway, i woke up today and realized that the wind had blown a bunch of trash into my pool. and by 'trash', i mean a couple of spare kardashians and steven segal.'

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