+ 'the thing i'm most excited about is that today is the opening of the muppet movie', craig ferguson states, 'hurray! i feel a very strong connection to the muppet movie because i myself am just a puppet of a mighty corporation. anyway, its not your grandpa's muppet movie thought, its racy! its not rated 'G', its rated 'PG'! i think miss piggy must show a little bacon! a little bit of sizzle there, maybe. i remember back in the 70's the muppet movie had tons of celebrity cameos. there was richard pryor, bob hope, milton berle, dom de luise, orson wells. the lesson here is of course, if you appear in a muppet movie, you die! i'm kidding, the new muppet movie has a lot of celebrity cameos. its easier to list who's not in it than who's in it. who's not in it is me and corey feldman. i'm just kidding, corey feldman is in it. the late jim henson, of course, was the creator of the muppets. he also created iconic characters for other movies. he did the teenage mutant ninja turtles, the dark crystal movie, the 80's movie 'the labyrinth'. that one creature in the labyrinth really freaked me out, what was it again? thats right, david bowie. the word muppet, of course, is a combination of marionette and puppet. just like the word mobster is a combination of the words man and lobster. that means all of us have the capacity to end organized crime by simply dipping our local crime boss in butter and devouring his yumminess.'

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