+ 'a lot of movies are coming out this weekend', criag ferguson discusses, 'tom cruise in the new mission impossible movie, and the tintin movie about the belgan dog or something.  they are very different movies, one of them has a tiny little creature that is more popular in europe than here, and the other is tintin.  also, war horse comes out.  i want to see all those movies, but the one i'm most excited for is 'the girl with the dragon tattoo'.  its based on the original girl with the dragon tattoo, but it was swedish.  over there its called 'un flicka wit den trampen stampen'.  the author of the book died of a heart attack in 2004 after walking up some stairs.  so let that be a lesson to you kids, take the stairs.  the dragon tattoo book is the first in a trilogy.  it was one of those trilogies where i bought the first book and i was like 'wow!  this is sensational! its really good, i've got to get the second book!'  i read the second book and i  thought 'ok, thats alright', i read the first book i was thinking 'you know, that first book was awesome!'.  at the end of the trilogy, the girl with the dragon tattoo gets a lightning bolt scar, becomes a wizard, and defeats voldemort.'
- jason lee
- felicity jones
= black dub

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