the geoff peterson replacement, chloe banderas (voiced by tom lennon) is back!
+ 'today of course is cyber monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year', craig shares, 'i enjoy the online shopping. my favorite part of online shopping is the convenience. my second favorite is typing with my penis! i learned on a typewriter though, so i thump really hard. cyber monday is like black friday, but its a little less stampedey. lets face it, online shopping is simple, you just point and click, its like shooting stray cats. i'm kidding, i'm kidding, i dont do that. anyway, theres some things you can get on black friday that you cant get on cyber monday, like getting pepper sprayed in the face! if you are online and you want to get pepper sprayed, you have to do it yourself- i did it twice already today! look, i just want to tell you, i dont shoot cats. you know this is true about that pepper stray, in l.a. on black friday a woman pepper sprayed some walmart shoppers who tried to cut in line. the police acted very fast and immediately hired her to get rid of peaceful protesters outside banking institutions all across the united states!'

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