my own rattlesnake mug!!!

wow, that was fast! i ordered myself a couple rattlesnake mugs, just like the ones used by craig ferguson and geoff peterson on 'the late late show with craig ferguson', and boy are they cool! i put in the order on saturday, and they were waiting on my doorstep monday afternoon when i got home- now thats quick! anyway, they both arrived safely, no scratches or broken parts, and they even came with a little note from the woman who sent them from house of tasso!

this thing is pretty awesome- just like the one craig has!
the only difference between this one and craigs? this one doesnt have a tooth chipped off! thanks to house of tasso's fantastic shipping and packaging!
this thing will really start some conversations, thats for sure! i figured since its a rattle snake, it belongs among the foliage, right?

*update*  i got the mug that geoff peterson has too!  check it out here!

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