+ 'did you see that sherlock holmes movie over the weekend?' craig ferguson asks, 'it was fantastic i have heard.  i've heard its the best movie ever, i'm looking forward to seeing it.  i've never talked about this before, but i was actually up for a part in sherlock holmes.  not the movie, in the dinner theater production at the west alameda community theater.  i was this close to getting it! damn you, eric estrada!  sherlock holmes has been around for a while, of course, the original books came out in the 1800's.  did you know that in the original sherlock holmes he never actually said 'elementary, my dear watson'.  he didnt.  he did say 'oh please, senior ding-a-ling!'  robert downey jr. plays sherlock holmes in the new movies.  he's much sexier than the sherlock holmes i remember growing up.  he used to be played by basil wrathbone.  to me, thats what sherlock holmes is supposed to look like.  old timey sherlock holmes always smoked a pipe.  in fact, in the original sherlock holmes novels he didnt just smoke a pipe, he was also a cocaine addict!  thats true!  why would you cast robert downey jr. as... oh, nevermind...  i like robert downey jr a lot, i like him.  he's been through a lot and i like that he's open about his troubles.  but i'll tell you this: you cannot solve crimes when you are on cocaine.  my own research has proved that you cant...  you can, however, commit crimes!'
- regis philbin
= goo goo dolls

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