+ 'the big movie opening this weekend that i'm very excited about is 'new year's eve'',  craig ferguson states, 'a very important film that asks some very important questions: what is the meaning of life? does the world around us truly exist?  why are we here?  ha ha ha!  its not about any of that, its about celebrities hooking up and all that crap!  anyway, the movie has a huge cast in it, including moamar kadafi and kim jung il!  a libyan zombie and an angry lesbian have to share an apartment- can they get along?  you that movie and you will find out!  new years eve is made by the same people who made the hit movie valentines day.  wait a minute, reusing a successful formula instead of coming up with something original?  thats not the hollyoood i know!  the movie is set in time square, the producers say its a love letter to new york city.  no one sends letters anymore, its more like a penis tweet to new york city.  by the way, penis tweet was the name of my favorite cockatoo...'

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