+ 'its a great day if you like stonehenge', craig ferguson shares, 'you know stonehenge, the famous old relic thats been around for thousands of years. archaeologists have just discovered that mysterious pits are under the earth at stonehenge. stonehenge has always been a puzzle, but now there are extra pieces and they dont know how it fits in. there are new parts that dont seem to be parts from the whole thing. its almost like stonehenge has been build by ikea! stonehenge was used for all sorts of pagan rituals, the pagans would gather around and to all kinds of drumming and changing and dance naked. they would dance around to get their message across to more powerful beings. it was kind of like occupy stonehenge. the druids were the predecessors of todays wiccans. you know, the witchy people with the crystals and the enya music. a lot of cats. they put handkerchiefs over the lamps in their house. you better not make fun of wiccans, the last time i did they put a curse on me and now i'm hosting this crap. the newly discovered pits at stonehenge are directly in the path of the sun so they must have been used as some sort of sun worship. archaeologists say these pits were around 500 years before the stones were put in. they are still debating how the stones were constructed. its pretty obvious if youve ever seen flintstones, they used a brontosaurus as a crane.'

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