+ 'theres something that happened in california yesterday that was really quite frightening', craig ferguson states, 'a cannonball smashed into a house where two people were sleeping, came out the other side of the house, bounced across four lanes of traffic, hit a roof on another house and then crashed through the window of a minivan. it was like a cartoon! police were only able to stop the cannonball by running ahead of it and painting a railway tunnel on the side of a cliff! i know what you are thinking: 'who could be of set off a cannon? who would be so irresponsible to set off a cannon?' hoodlums! the mythbusters did it! its my favorite show on television, except for anything on cbs, of course... the mythbusters were conducting an experiment, they wanted to demonstrate what a cannonball can do. so they got a cannonball, i don't know where you get one. they went to the mall and go to 'cannonballs and things', and then they fired it out of a cannon. what could possibly go wrong with that? remember the first rule of building your own cannon: don't build your own cannon!'

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