+ 'the inductees for the rock and roll hall of fame were announced yesterday', craig ferguson states, 'its like the baseball hall of fame but with less drug use and more satan.  this is true, for a band to get their record in to the rock and roll hall of fame the record had to come out at least 25 years ago.  now, let me explain: a record is something that made noise when you rotated it.  what you do is you get the record, you put it under a sharp needle, spin it around, and it made a noise.  like a cat!  its a joke, i would never do that to a cat... there isnt a talk show hall of fame.  maybe there is, they just haven't told me...  the rock and roll hall of fame, the inductees this year include guns n roses, the red hot chili peppers, and the beastie boys.  they are great.  i'm sure they are all very happy to be inducted, because if there's one thing that excites guys who have spent their lives knee deep in sex and drugs, its a bronze plaque.'

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