+ 'here at cbs we have had nonstop coverage of the events going on in teran', craig ferguson states, 'and by 'nonstop coverage' we mean the victoria's secret fashion show! take that, cnn with your fully clothed people and your wolf blitzer! apparently some of the cbs stations chose not to air the fashion show, they say its too racy. so for the people in the towns that didnt get to see the fashion show, i'll summarize it for you: boobies, boobies, more boobies, a little bit of ass. and then i turned on the tv to watch the fashion show! lets be honest, the whole fashion show is just an excuse to see women in their skivvies. come on, is underwear really fashion? i mean i think of fashion as a nice pair of pants, and a nice hat cocked to the side. and by that i mean a little had inside my pants... i suppose underwear as an expression of their individuality and style, and men just use it to cover up their junk so they dont get arrested. i dont require much from underwear, just so long as it protects my thighs from chaffing as i dance around the pole. but if i had to choose, i prefer cotton underwear because its soft and fluffy. its like dipping my balls in a cloud. i have been noticing that mens underwear have been getting smaller and smaller. a couple of weeks ago i tried on a thong and i havent been able to find it since! i think of g strings as the underwear version of whitney houston because they love crack.'

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