+ 'today is a very important day for historians and drunks!' craig ferguson states, 'its repeal day. this is the anniversary of the glorious day when prohibition was repealed in 1933. now, some of you might not remember repeal day. i say 'some of you' because we do have some viewers who are younger than 80. prohibition was a dark time, alcohol was illegal and peppermint lattes werent invented yet. how did people make it through the day? i'll tell you: crystal meth! thats what they used, but back then it was called spunky dust! 'hey shopkeeper, got any spunky dust?' 'yeah, i'm just cooking up a fresh batch in the rear!' 'look out ivan, here comes johnny yankee with the spunky dust!' alcohol was illegal in this country from 1919 to 1933. 14 years! not a single person in 14 years sang karaoke! people back then thought prohibition would never end, and then just like herman cain, it was gone. i think prohibition was a wonderful idea because boom- just like that, they stop doing it! thats why i hope they never ban scrapbooking. 'hey g-man, if you want me to stop scrapbooking you will have to take the glue from my cold dead hand!' you know, what happened when they repealed prohibition, it turned the economy around. the government got huge tax revenues. they had been spending money keeping it down and now they made it legal and all this money was pouring in! it got us out of the great depression. if only there was something we could legalize and tax now that would help us out of this recession. if only!'

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