+ 'earlier tonight 'america's most wanted' came back', craig ferguson shares, 'i'm very excited about that. its on the lifetime channel now. it is! it used to be on fox but now its on lifetime. america's most wanted can get kind of grizzly sometimes, its only the second most grizzly thing on lifetime now. did you see the dresses on project runway last year? almost made me want to watch sports! almost... its funny to me that america's most wanted is on lifetime now, every week they are going to be searching for 'a man who wants to listen and then snuggle'. america's most wanted used to be on fox but then it was cancelled because the fox executives realized that the show was helping people! fox shows are usually just large cartoon characters who are big asses just making fools of themselves, like homer simpson, the family guy, or simon cowell... personally i like shows that do good things for people, i like it when tv gives me a warm feeling. thats why i always watch tv with my testicles on it!'

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