+ 'only two shopping days left tell christmas!' craig ferguson warns, 'everything is all christmasy all over the place.  christmas movies are all over the place, 'its a wonderful life' is on all the time.  'mary clarence, dont ya know me'  awe, my jimmy stewart impression isnt so great.  it sounds like a parrot having a stoke  'do i taste pennies?'  everyone things of jimmy stewart as the 'all american' man.  this is true, in the beginning of his career, the hollywood movie mogals, the big wigs, they forced jimmy stewart to go to brothels to prove he wasnt gay!  thats true!  i'm thinking 'what? studio bosses pay for your hookers?!?  dont you want to prove that i'm not gay?'  its a wonderful life is, of course, about a man named george bailey, he's thinking about suicide, and he gets a rare opportunity to see what life would be like if he had never been born.  for decades people have loved 'its a wonderful life'.  its a great movie, but it seems to be out of date.  i mean, a mean old banker using unscrupulous methods to foreclose on working people's homes so he can line his pockets with their cash.  i mean, thankfully thats in the past, we have come a long way, there's no way that could possibly happen today...'
- kyra sedgwick
= frankie ballard

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