lex shrapnel

while talking with emily blunt on the show, craig ferguson asks her if she has ever done any shakespeare. she says she has and was actually in 'romeo and juliet'. craig asks her who played romeo and she said that it was a guy named lex shrapnel. craig goes nuts, stating that that is the greatest name he has ever heard! he then vows to have lex shrapnel on the show some time. after the guests are gone and craig comes back for the closing segment of the show, he says 'so anyway, we found online a picture of lex shrapnel, the actor who played romeo with emily blunt. lex shrapnel, the man with the best name in show business. i know what you are thinking, 'criag, you are mocking'. no, i am not mocking at all. this is only the beginning. in the future, when people are gathered around campfires, they will say 'do you remember lex shrapnel movies? they began around 2011, thats when they really began to kick in. how did lex ever become the enormous super mega star action hero that he became?' i'll tell you why, because tonight one man was willing to stand up and say 'i am here for you, lex shrapnel!'. we will bring you over from whatever god forsaken european country you are in and you will be invited on this show, second guest probably... baby steps, lex, baby steps. but from that appearance it will grow and it will grow, and you will become the biggest movie star in the world! and when that happens perhaps you will get me out of this fucking shit hole!!!'

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