+ 'its a great day if you are in to fashion, a great week if you are in to fashion', craig ferguson interjects, 'right now in new york its fashion week, which is like shark week for gay dudes. new york city has gone crazy this week for fashion week. they say that manhatten hasnt been this packed with emaciated models, bitchy men, and piles of cocaine since last week. new york city, of course, considered one of the four fashion capitals of the world. youve got new york city, paris, london, fresno. i'm just kidding, no one cares about london. anyway, fashion week makes me feel old. i dont know if its the 19 year old girls modeling the clothes, or the 24 year old designers designing the clothes, or the 12 year old chinese kids stitching the clothes, but it all seems to be about the young people. i wish i was in new york for fashion week. not for the fashion, but because its raining here in l.a. and when it rains here, i am reminded that the weather is the only thing this town has going for it. i'm telling you its true! without sun, l.a. is just fresno with bigger boobies.'
+ chris hardwick stops by to help out with tweets and emails.

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