+ 'it is a big day for china', craig ferguson informs, 'its the chinese new year today. look, if you thought thanksgiving was a bad day to travel, its nothing compared to chinese new year. its a huge day for travel in china is what i'm saying. 230 million people in china will travel for the new year. 230 million, thats a lot of people, thats like 1 percent of the population. anyway, today is the beginning of a new year, its the year of the rabbit. its the year of the rabbit, so everyone start humping! i love the fact that this year is named after the animal best known for having a lot of sex because last year was actually the year of the tiger. 'was that a tiger woods joke, craig?' might have been. i was born in 1962, which was also the year of the tiger, but it doesnt make sense because i was raised by a pack of wild ferrets. anyway, i'm glad its the year of the rabbit. i think its going to be the bestest rabbit year ever! some people think rabbits are rodents, because they look a bit rodenty, but they are not. they are a different species, theyre bigger, they have bigger teeth, and they poop a lot more. its kind of like how kloe is different from the rest of the kardashians...'

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