why did jennifer beals hit her boyfriend?

at the end of thursday's episode of 'the late late show with craig ferguson', the little kitty asks the question he always asks: what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? 'now listen, we learned a lot on the show tonight. i learned a lot. i learned about the problems in the gulf from our old friend jean michel. we learned about beaver creek and how it has the oldest strip club in america. we even learned that chris hilty, the sound man for this show, saw two hobos having sex in santa monica. but what we never learned is why jennifer beals hit her boyfriend with a camera. i've been doing this job for years, the first thing you should do is when someone announces something like that, you say 'wait wait wait. nevermind about the project, why did you hit your boyfriend with the damn camera?' but i didnt. man, i think this is the beginning of the end... oh wait a minute, its CBS, they dont care! no, everything's fine. although, i would like you to send me in suggestions of why you think jennifer beals hit her boyfriend with a camera! and the five best ones will win a photograph of an ostrich! cant be any more fare than that!'
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