+ 'its official, yesterday's super bowl was the most watched tv program in history', craig ferguson exclaims, 'take that soccer! take that moon landing! anyway, congratulations to the green bay packers who beat the steelers 31 to 25. it shouldnt have been that close, but green bay's recievers dropped 8 passes. now, football fans havent seen that many mishandled balls since texts from bret favre. did you notice yesterday there were no cheerleaders, cause neither the packers nor the steelers use cheerleaders. thats because they are old school, you know, smash mouth football teams, they dont have time for that spandex crap. and because its too damn cold in pittsburg and green bay. cheerleaders arent going to dance around in a blizzard in those little skirts. those things that they shake would freeze, and so would their pomp pomps. i watched the super bowl at home. i thought about going, there's a super bowl party every year at the talk show late night talk show club house, but it gets a little weird. i went there last year and jay leno was looking for something to cut the cake and conan said 'why dont you use the knife you left in my back'. awkward! awkward! anyway, the packers of course, are celebrating by going to disney world. i'm surprised that disney still does that, especially since michael vick is back in football. you know who is going to be worried about that? goofy!'
+ dominic monaghan stops by to help out with the tweets and emails

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